Update January 2005ch-09sr

For the financial support we have received from the Vancouver Foundation, Billie Mitchell and the John Hardie Mitchell Foundation, both Provincial and Federal Governments along with those key donors who requested their donations remain anonymous, we must say thank you.

Update September 2004

The museum had applied some time ago for a $60,000 grant from the BC Gaming Commission; and we received a $40,000 grant from them some months ago.

We have also received private gifts from anonymous donors.

Update December 2002

A major donation had been made to MM&HS in late December. Sincere thanks to the John Hardie Mitchell Family Foundation, and to Billie Mitchell for the very generous gift of $10,000 toward the cost of the final phase of the work on the Colbourne House restoration. This is only the most recent financial support provided by the Mitchell Family. On two previous occasions, at critical times as the restoration work went forward, the Foundation made similar donations to the Society. Our success to date owes a great deal to this very generous and continuing support.

We also have a recent update on the efforts to obtain support from the B.C. Gaming Commission lottery revenues. In lieu of a capital grant for 2002 we have just been advised that $9,000 has been awarded to MM&HS for operating expenses. The operating grant money is very welcome indeed.

We have applied to the B.C. Gaming Commission for $60,000 to finish the interior walls, ceilings and floors and put electrical and plumbing fixtures in place. We qualify for funding but there is still no reply at the time of writing. We plan interior finishing from the 20's and 30's era. We have some items waiting, i.e., the dining table and chairs and the washing machine from the Colbourne family and look forward to contributing the money, furniture, kitchen equipment, pictures etc. to make an appropriate display to show school children how it used to be and bring back memories for older visitors


Phase 1
B.C. Heritage Trust
John Hardie Mitchelll Family Foundation
Vancouver Foundation
Bob Stubbs
Marpole Rotary
Individual members of the Society and fundraising events
Byrne Road Wholesale Lumber
Ocean Cement
Clive Justice, Landscape Architect
Robert Spencer, Professional Engineer

Phase 2 (to October 31, 2000)
John Hardie Mitchell Family Foundation
Anonymous gift
Morrey-Nissan Dealership (Lyle and Gary Morey)
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Bank of Canada Employee Volunteer Program
Individual members of the Society and fundraising events
Government of Canada

Phase 3
Millennium Partnership Program 2000 Grant
British Columbia 2000 Community Spirit Grant
Byrne Road Wholesale Lumber

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