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The Marpole Museum & Historical Society is a group of volunteers, who are brought together by a common interest in the heritage of their community, and a desire to foster and preserve memories and memorabilia of local interest.

Our Missionhouse2003

To collect, preserve and display the history of Eburne/Marpole buildings and houses; to store and display historical artifacts and to bring people together to share stories past and present as an ongoing community asset.

The Colbourne House (The Project)

The property contains a small and modest frame house, which was built in 1912 by Mr. T. Thomas, carpenter. The house was sold to Mr. Henry Colbourne in 1936, and occupied by his family for 45 years, until 1981.

The dwelling, affectionately known as the "Colbourne House", has been recognized by City of Vancouver Heritage Committee and the Marpole community for its significance as one of the original homes built in the period of local transition from farming to township. Located at 8743 MARINE DR SW, Vancouver, BC V6P 6A5

Letter of support from MLA Michael Lee to The Vancouver Heritage Foundation - for Historical Designation of Colbourne House.

Facilities & Tours - The grounds around the house are available for community use. Members and the Public are invited to drop around to have a look at the house. If an office person is in, they would be happy to show you around, email us or leave a message on our answering machine to arrange a tour. 

Board of Directors
 Founding Sponsor Val Anderson  
 Chairperson Yvonne Robinson  
 Vice-Chairperson Jan Wilson  
 Treasurer Bill Barclay  
 Secretary Marilyn Dacher  
 Directors Bill Barclay  Betty Henshaw
  Donna Kean  Marilyn Dacher
  Jan Wilson  Marjorie Fisher
  Roy Pick  Yvonne Robinson
  Jeanette Edwards  
 Director Emerita Maureen Meikle  

Regular directors meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month, except July, August and December.

Charity Reg. Nbr 0907386-52

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